GlutenFree.MN was co-founded by Dr. Joseph Sevlie, D.C. and Hope Sevlie. They are a father-daughter team who have personally experienced the negative health impacts of gluten sensitivity on their health.  As a result they are passionate and dedicated to identifying gluten sensitivity, educating the public, and providing effective treatment for gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease. and other autoimmune diseases.

GlutenFree.MN is your Minnesota resource for gluten information and an educational resource for the relationship between gluten sensitivity and autoimmune disease.

On this site you will find educational articles and videos, recipes, and links to find gluten free options near you and more! If you have ideas to add to this site, please go to our contact page and send us an email. We would love your feedback. Enjoy the site!

Our Story

When Dr. Joe met his wife Tami, she was suffering from ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease. Tami was just 18 years old and the medical doctors wanted to remove her damaged and inflamed colon. Dr. Joe recommended she get off gluten and have food sensitivity testing done. Multiple food sensitivities were identified. Tami stopped eating gluten, removed her food sensitivities from her diet,  began taking nutritional supplements, and was able to fully recover from ulcerative colitis and arrest her autoimmune disease.

Gluten sensitivity has been something that both Dr. Joe, Tami and their children have had to deal with which has made it a very personal issue and one that they are very passionate about.

Dr. Joe and Hope's goal is to help you achieve optimal health so that you can enjoy the health and life you deserve. For more information about treatment, visit Dr. Joe's website at centerfornaturalhealthcareredwing.com. If you interested in nutrition coaching with Hope, check out her website at hopesevlie.com.

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